Tuesday, 31 May 2016

(LATE) STAGE SUNDAY: EarthBound - Moonside

MINOR SPOILERS - Enter with caution, if you're looking to avoid EarthBound spoilers. Also, there is a PRETTY BIG SPOILER for Link's Awakening lurking around in this post.


First off, allow me to apologise for missing Stage Sunday. I was kind of busy, and I missed it. But here I am again, with that Stage Sunday, although very late.

EarthBound is a game about a kid named Ness going on a quest to gather two other kids and a prince who unite to stop an alien force. One of the game's locations is Moonside, which is sort of like a darker version of the town of Fourside, accessed by checking one corner of the cafe in Fourside. You might notice that this town is where the last part of my name came from.
The Moonside version of the cafe.
Moonside is filled with all sorts of weird-looking enemies, including abstract artworks, "Dali's Clocks", which resemble the melting clocks from some of Salvador Dali's artworks, gas pumps and rampant fire hydrants. The people here aren't any better, as they flip around the meanings of "Yes" and "No" for the entire area, meaning that one always means the opposite of the other.
An example of the oddities that occur in Moonside.
Located around the town are people that look a lot like Lt. Surge from the Pokemon series that teleport you around the area. This is the only way to access certain points in the town, including the Monotoli Building, where the Evil Mani Mani Statue resides, waiting to be defeated. Defeating the Mani Mani Statue is the only way to escape Moonside, which is similar to how Link escapes from Koholint Island in Link's Awakening.
Because there's a "good" Mani Mani waiting to be found somewhere?
There is this invisible border located around the Monotoli Building of Moonside that you're unable to really pass until you find an "invisible" man (who's said to have a gold tooth) and take him to his friend next to the right-hand side of the Monotoli Building (in the Japanese version, they leave to have alcohol).
The music for Moonside seems to have been sampled from "Keep on Laughing" by Ric Ocasek. This isn't the only case of sampled music being in EarthBound, as there are many other instances of this, and other general musical similarities, such as Onett's Arcade having some of its background music from the arcade game Xevious.
I don't have too many strange experiences with this stage, but I thought I'd cover it for Stage Sunday because I just find it really interesting. So that's about it, but keep checking back for more posts and hopefully, Stage Sunday will come on Sunday. For now, though, bye!

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