Monday, 16 May 2016

SNES Virtual Console Games being New 3DS Exclusive: My Thoughts

Hello, once again!

For a while now, the 3DS e-Shop has gained SNES titles! When I'd first heard this, I was absolutely ecstatic. However, disaster struck. I continued reading the email I had received and when it said it was New 3DS exclusive, I was kind of crushed, more so when I found out that EarthBound, one of my favourite SNES titles, was a "launch title" of sorts for the SNES Virtual Console releases. I only have an original blue 3DS, which means I have to stick with NES and Game Boy/Game Boy Colour games for some retro gaming action. At least Nintendo released the three classic Pokemon games, which means I'm not completely sapped of a new retro game to play. I know I can still emulate SNES games, which I occasionally do, but it's always nice to have a semi-legitimate copy, especially a portable one.

Now, the main issue here is that Nintendo has said that they only made SNES titles exclusive to the New 3DS Virtual Console due to the fact that the older 3DS's hardware wasn't up to their standard for running the SNES games. What confuses me here is that Nintendo has still released Hyrule Warriors Legends as a game that can be played on the normal 3DS, even though the framerate gets cut down greatly when it's played on the original model. You'd think that Nintendo has guidelines for that, but apparently not.

This was an interesting experience. I haven't tried making a (semi) rant before. Well, that's about all I want to say, so stay tuned for more posts of mine. Hopefully, the next post will be a bit more light-hearted. For now, goodbye!

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