Sunday, 15 May 2016

STAGE SUNDAYS: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Bottom of the Well


Ah, Ocarina of Time. I've only completed the game once, a few years ago, on the 3DS version. There was one area, specifically, that I tried my best to rush through as quickly as I could, and not for speedrunning purposes. That area was the Bottom of the Well. See, back then, I found this dungeon and the Shadow Temple quite scary, and the music, torture devices, bloody walls and enemies did not help at all. I feel like the scariness factor was toned down but raised at the same time in the 3DS version, because the wall blood is way lighter, but the updated graphics just improve upon the overall creepiness.
I mean, just look at this place. It's creepy.
Now, let's talk about the dungeon itself. It's normally accessed when the player plays the Song of Storms for Guru-Guru in the Kakariko Windmill as Child Link, emptying out the Well and enabling access to its depths. And what lies there... is pure nightmare fuel. All over the place, there's blood and bones, and the whole place looks like some underground torture chamber (don't forget that huge X-shaped device in the middle of one of the rooms), and it probably is, considering that the Shadow Temple is, too. The music doesn't lighten the mood one bit, but it definitely isn't the scariest part of the whole experience. The key item for this dungeon is the Lens of Truth, which means it's probably not necessary to enter this area at all, if you've memorised the entire Shadow Temple, where it's mainly used.

I remember my first time in here. I'd actually watched the Sheikah Stone vision multiple times to make sure there weren't any ReDeads or Gibdos on the way to the Dead Hand fight, and luckily, there weren't, which meant I was able to run straight to Dead Hand, kill it, pick up the Lens of Truth and get the heck out of there. But that was before I saw the Master Quest version. The original location of the Lens of Truth was moved to the very last floor, which is arguably one of the creepiest features of this dungeon. It's home to a huge pit of acid, many ReDeads and multiple pairs of hands extending from the acid pit.
Rated E for Everyone...
You bet, Nintendo.
And the worst part? In the Master Quest, the Lens of Truth was moved to the very back of a large group of ReDeads. Hope you picked up the Sun's Song!

These days, I'm able to run down to the Bottom of the Well and have a jolly old time, mostly because Majora's Mask (the 3DS version, again, is the only version I finished) completely vanquished my fears of ReDeads and Gibdos. I mean, just look at them dance!
How can anyone be afraid of this?
That about wraps up today's Stage Sunday, but stay tuned for next week, where I'll be taking a look at a more light-hearted stage! HINT: It's snowy, and it's from a game that's split in two.
And don't forget to check back for more posts in general, where I ramble about other stuff!

Well, looks like I'll be seeing you all next time. Bye!

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