Sunday, 17 July 2016

The NES Classic Edition - My Thoughts

Hello after a long time, everyone!

Sorry for my elongated absence. I haven't gone anywhere, I've just been out of things to talk about. However, recently, Nintendo has announced that they're going to release the "NES Classic Edition", and when I saw it, I instantly fell in love.
Look at this. It's beautiful.
Being on the younger side, I've never been able to truly experience the beauty of classic consoles such as the NES (which isn't really a good thing, considering I'm a HUGE fan of classic games). I've always had to resort to emulators and the Virtual Console on my 3DS. When this releases in November, however, I will finally be able to play the classics in their true form, as they were meant to be played. It's not the original system, but it's about as close as I'll get to owning an NES, or any retro gaming console in general.

The NES Classic Edition comes with one controller (more will be available for purchase) and 30 games, which is pretty darn good, because it means that when the console is bought, games will not have to be purchased for it. It comes with updated cables for today's modern televisions, which is a lifesaver considering that the real cables of the NES were only really good for the TVs at the time. Also, the NES Classic Edition will have "suspend points", which means that the next time you start the game, you won't need to mess around with passwords. The controllers of the NES Classic Edition will be able to connect to Wii Remotes, so they can be used as Classic Controllers for Virtual Console games on the Wii and Wii U.

When I look at this console and its 30 games, I can't help but think of that SEGA Mega Drive that was released a while back, since they're both retro consoles bundled with classic games, although the games bundled with the NES Classic Edition are almost all of the well-known titles that many people grew up with, as opposed to having some of the rather obscure titles of the system, like the 80-game Mega Drive.
Sadly, it's missing Sonic the Hedgehog 3, but hey, we're not COMPLETELY deprived of Sonic. Also, it's got cartridge functionality, so you can still play it if you have the cartridge for it.
The only issue I can think of with this "new" console is that it doesn't look like it will be able to take any more games than the 30 it already has (like how the Mega Drive shown above has a cartridge slot), but we never know, there could be something to change that.

In short, I'm all for the NES Classic Edition. I don't think it's some uncreative money-grab by Nintendo, but I actually think it could be a good way to introduce younger gamers to the traditional Nintendo games that made them so great, and a good way for anyone to play classic Nintendo games without going through emulator installations or eBay purchases. Who knows, we might even get an SNES Classic Edition! Wild speculation, of course, but one can always dream, can't they?

Goodbye for now!
~ SGoM