Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Superstar Saga DX Apparently Leaked

Hey, dudes! Sorry for my elongated absence, I've been a little busy with school and such, and I've also been lacking things to talk about.
However, recently, a dataminer by the name of SciresM found eShop data for a mysterious little game called Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga DX, alongside Ever Oasis. The dataminer even found icons for the two. Since Ever Oasis is already a confirmed game, it's actually rather likely that SSDX might be a reality.
The Mario and Luigi series is a highly entertaining and enjoyable RPG starring the two plumber bros and their comedic adventures, and it kicked off with Superstar Saga on the GBA. While a solid game as it is, a remake would not only make it accessible to more people, but it can also polish the game off and make it better. One can only hope that the remake keeps the simplicity and comedy of the original.
Rumours have surfaced before about many other different games and such, but they've all been false. However, there's a surprising amount of evidence to suggest SSDX may be a reality. For example, as stated earlier, it was found within the data of the eShop alongside an existing game, and it even had an icon to go with it. There's other bits and pieces too, such as people from Kotaku who found the same Ever Oasis icon as shown in the tweet on the home menu of a display 2DS XL at an expo, meaning that the SSDX icon could be real. Also, in recent Mario and Luigi games, various elements have been borrowed from Superstar Saga (Popple and other Beanish people appearing in Dream Team Bros, as well as Hooskis, who are based off the Hoohooligans from SS, and the battle theme from the game appearing in Paper Jam Bros, albeit before Paper Mario is added to the party).

All in all, there's a lot of speculation and hope in the air, and all we can do is wait for E3 and see if Nintendo announces this.